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Why Refill...!

The Ink Refilling Do's and Dont's

Your discarded cartridges go to the Landfills!

There is good money to be saved by taking your empty printer ink cartridge and getting it refilled instead of buying a new one. In the majority of cases, you can save as much as 60% of the price of it if you choose to refill them instead of purchasing new ones.

In addition to saving money, you actually help the environment by reducing the amount of garbage that goes into landfills each day by refilling your printer cartridge instead of throwing it away and buying a new one. Keep in mind that the majority of printer ink cartridges nowadays are constructed of non-biodegradable materials such as plastic. What this means is it would take hundreds and hundreds of years to have a small ink cartridge disintegrate as they are not biodegradable.

If you're the type of individual that uses more than one new printer ink cartridge in a months’ time and you do not refill your empty cartridge, you are in effect adding more pollutants to the environment. Imagine how much actual non-degradable (pollutants) you would be creating in a years’ time at the rate you are going now.

Smart Cartridge shops only use the appropriate Ink to refill your printer cartridge and do not infringe on the OEMs patents.

There are many different types of ink on the market today based on the fact that certain printer brands use specific kinds of ink. If your computer brand is say a Hewlett-Packard then Smart Cartridge guarantees that the refilling process of the cartridge will be made only with the technically certified ink. This is another reason why you should only entrust a company such as Smart Cartridge to refill your cartridges with the best available materials and that is why we guarantee that our refills work as well as, last as long as and are 100% of the same quality as an OEM cartridge. Don’t let any false advertising dissuade you as the OEMs only want you to spend their ridiculously high prices of their products. Remember we are just refilling the empty cartridge that they remanufactured, refilling it with the correct type and quantity ink so how can this be different to the OEM. We have refilled for over 15 years and we have never encountered a cartridge that damaged a printer or that the printed page was of a less quality or that less pages were printed. Our experience shows that we print as well as or sometimes even better than theirs and most of the times we equal or exceed their rated page prints.

Be very weary of "false prophets" selling miraculously cheap cartridges. Smart Cartridge takes the infringement of OEM patents very seriously, that is why we only sell the refilling of your empty OEM cartridge. All the OEM printer cartridges are patented. Many false profits are around selling contraband OEM product and most originate from places like China. These products are complete copies of the OEM with cheap rubbish ink inside. To add insult to injury they are not refillable so what seems cheap can be expensive in the long run. Once again entrust Smart Cartridge to sell correct IP goods and this will help keep our local workers in a job. We also test all products sold so as to guarantee the quality and integrity of the product.

To ensure that you have your cartridge correctly refilled, it would be wise to bring your empty cartridge to one of our Smart Cartridge shops as we specialize in refilling ink cartridges and you are guaranteed of a company that protects you against those "False Prophets". Even though refilling the printer ink cartridge on your own may be somewhat less expensive than bringing your empty ink cartridge to someone who specializes in that work, there may be many things that may not go as smoothly when you're refilling your ink cartridge. Also, keep in mind that refilling ink into your ink cartridge can be a messy job.


Become a more environmentally consciences Computer user!

Yes you save money and that is very helpful today, but every little bit helps and Refilling makes a lot of sense…


Remember Smart Cartridges motto:

think…smart recycle & save