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Size of the Printer Consumables Market...

The Most Expensive Liquid on the Planet and Ink Jet Printing Market Drivers
Source:  Andrew Lippman from LYRA Research Inc. Oct 2009
Size of the Printer Consumables Market
  • Ink jet ink is the most expensive liquid on the planet.

  • The ink jet industry remains very strong relative to other high-tech industries.

  • Razor-and-Blades business model creates a market in which hardware is relatively cheap, but ongoing purchases of consumables are expensive, this pricing model has been tremendously successful.

  • Industry experts agree that ink jet technology offers important advantages over laser printing and conventional printing methods. Similar to the history of analog printing, the story of ink jet is likely to be one of continued evolution.

  • Affordable PCs brought word processors, spreadsheets, electronic databases, and other software to nearly every home and office.

  • Digital photography represents another important growth driver for ink jet printing.

  • New ink types also allow for printing on a range of rigid and flexible materials — such as boards, glass, plastics, and textiles — that have not been available to digital printing in the past.

  • Lyra estimates that the average desktop user spends about $75 (£95) per device per year on ink.

  • The desktop ink jet cartridge market was valued at USD $30.4 billion (£19 billion) in dealer revenue during 2008 worldwide.